Fresh menus for Casual Mondays Balmain, completed with Indesign. (2016)
An assignment for university, a series of posters for AGDA advertising their seminars. The seminars were; safe practises, intellectual property and legal requirements, we had to come up with a consistent and fun theme for the posters, as well as intriguing headings. I chose to use cats are they are fun and I love a good pun, these works were created first by hand with watercolour and felt tip, then digitalised in Photoshop and InDesign. (2016)
Another poster design for AGDA as an assessment, showing the career progression in the design industry, as well as industry relationships. The style choice was completely up to us but again it needed a consistent theme and something related to students, I thought coffee would be perfect! This design was complete in Illustrator and InDesign. (2016)
Assignment for the Finished Art subject. We had to design a postcard promoting a band for Big Day Out and the postcard had to reflect the personality of that band. We were only allowed to use two inks and one embellishment, one ink had to be process black so for my other ink I chose a red, this is a colour common in the theme of the band. The embellishment I chose was red foil, the embellishment is not shown in these images but a print ready PDF file including over prints and spot colours was used. The icons within the band logo allude to some of their song titles, for example 'Australia Street' and 'These Girls'. Others just represent the vibe of the band and the music, this work was completed in Illustrator and InDesign. (2016)
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