A Rick and Morty appropriation of myself and a friend completed on Illustrator. (2015)
My entry for the Adelaide Fringe festical this year completed on Illustrator. The theme was walk on the wild side, so I chose to use foot prints, I chose to build the shapes of the feet out of symbols relating to Adelaide. I included coffee and pie to link to the late night food culture, and I used music notes, records, 'haha's and clapperboards to show to vibe of the festival and what is it was about. Adelaide icons are also include, such as the Port Adelaide Lighthouse and a cricket ball linking to to Adelaide Oval. Finally, there are beers, wine glasses and conversation bubbles just to further the atmosphere of the festival and portray a fun time. (2015)
This postcard created to advertise Sydney from my TAFE work, completed on Adobe Illustrator. (2015)
Mockup poster for a typography exhibtion at The Powerhouse Museum. 'What's your type' was drawn by hand before being brought into Illustrator to be vectorised. Final design was completed on Adobe Indesign. (2016)
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