The first of my t-shirt designs, the Hamsa Hand (2013). The right hand symbolises logic, giving and the sun whereas the left symbolises emotion, unconscious and the moon. I've chosen to portray the hand as neither so the audience can determine themselves what they see. I've included references to both the sun and moon as well as flowers and leaves to tie in my love of the natural world, as well as representing both hands. Triangles represent creativity and so I have chosen to repeat this, the pyramid is also a symbol of this, but by including the third eye I have brought in a mystical aspect as well as esotericism.
My t-shirt design for Groovin' The Moo festival, of which I made the finals. The theme for this year (2016) was interstellar. I chose to include a musician girl and surround her with planets. Each planet represents a different GTM location throughout Australia. I also chose brighter, happy colours and a script style font to show the laid back, relaxed atmosphere of GTM. Completed on Illustrator and Photoshop.
A t-shirt design completed at TAFE targetting the market of youth surf culture, completed on Illustrator and Photoshop. (2015)
An assessment for college where the Big Day Out identity had to be designed to be something completely different from its previous years. I chose a simplistic design to be the opposite of their previous designs that are very loud and busy. The symbols on the letters represent the fun and energy of the festival as well as representations of summer such as the sun on the "Y", the ocean on the "O" and dancing on the "D". (2016)
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